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The Value of Home Stays for Business (Significance)

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About Japanese Homestays (meaning/history)

"YNU Jpapan Homestay (privisional name)" was established as a Yokohama National University venture organization. It provides a homestay service that allows people to discover new social values.

This page will explain why homestays are fruitful endeavors.

Personal Connections are Meaningful

Homestays provide the opportunity for Japanese and foreigners to become friends, which in turn, will change Japanese families', in particular their children's, perspective of foreign cultures, hopefully fostering an international support system.

It is important for Japanese people and foreign peoples to be connected on a personal level. Specifically, future generations who will protect the the future of Japan must have a sound foundation of cultural maturity in order to lead Japan peacefully and wisely.

If you look at the example of Japanese-Chinese relations: even though they are at odds politically, there are several parties within the two nations that do understand each other. This example shows that relationships between countries go beyond politics. Here at YNU, we place a great significance on the personal relationships that exist around the world.

Representative Okada is involved in the Yokohama Municipal School PTA and was the former Yokohama City PTA associate director. He says that the school maintains a peaceful environment, and that there are far less problems today than when he was a child. (Teachers used to struggle to support children who had problems that went beyond the surface...)

Without a doubt, Japan's schools are the closest to ideal that they have ever been. However, by the time our children grow up and find jobs, their competitors and colleagues will not just be Japanese people, Japan will have transistioned into an international environment.

As such, the time has come for us to teach our children the ways of the world and raise them as global citizens.

Homestays will give Japanese families the opportunity to widen their perspectives and learn about different cultures.

A change of perspective will help refreshen Japan's tourism industry and significantly contribute to Japan's charm.

The Benefits of Homestays

(Learning) Opportunity to use foreign languages

(Cultural) You can make foreign friends

(Parenting) Parenting perspective changes

(Tourism) Japanese people will be know as Japan's crown jewel

What we would like to do
・Make Japan a more intersting place for tourists
・Spread cultural acceptance among Japanese families
・Foster friendships between foreigners and Japanese

What we do
・Aim for a stress-free homestay experience
・Provide and maintain reliable information on host families
・Support host families (including but not limited to: food issues, hospitality, language barrier problems, tourism issues, security, and insurance issues)