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Yokohama National University Venture

Shinsaku Okada
Established YNU Venture
Director of YRC Co.
Director of NPO International Exchange Support Council
(activites to bolster international exchange and education )
Director of the Yokohama PTA Assoc. for Fiscal Year 25

Tourism homestay in Japan


A new way to see Japan

"Tourism Homestay in Japan"

Personal Connections are Meaningful

Homestays provide the opportunity for Japanese families and foreign peoples to become friends, which in turn, will change Japanese families', especially their childrens', perspective of foreign cultures, in the hopes of fostering an international support system.

It is important that Japanese people and foreign peoples be connected on a personal level. In particular, future generations who will protect the future of Japan must have a sound foundation of cultural maturity in order to lead Japan peacefully and wisely.

If you look at the example of Japanese-Chinese relations: even though they are at odds politically, there are several parties within these countries that do understand each other. This example shows that relationships between countries go beyond politics; we believe that there is a great significance in personal relationships.

"YNU Jpapan Homestay ( hs )"was established as a venture organization at the Yokohama National University. It is a fun foreign exchange service that provides the opportunity to discover new social values.

1.YNU provides its services exclusively to college students.
2.Matches the requested conditions of host families and prospective guests on the website.
3.Ensures your homestay experience meets your expectations through a system of quality assurance.

We would like to

・Make Japan a more interesting place for tourists
・Increase the the cross-cultural adaptability of Japanese families
・Foster mutual understanding between Japanese people and foreign visitors
・Foster international friendships through fun international exchanges

What we do
・We aim for a stress-free homestay experience
・Provide and maintain reliable information on host families
・Support host families (food issues, hospitality, language barrier problems, tourism issues, security, and insurance issues)

YNU Jpapan Homestay Yokohama Naka-ku, Masago-cho, 4-43
※ for inquiries, please use the homestay inquiry form.

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日本 ホームステイ

Tourism homestay in Japan 日本 ホームステイ

Tourism homestay in Japan