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About the Yokohama National University Venture

Source: (http://www.vbl.ynu.ac.jp/)

Foundation of Innovation

~Trains and supports up-and-coming entrepreneurs and university ventures~

Yokohama National University has four core principles: practicality, innovation, open-mindedness, and internationality. It has a good track record for teaching and research.

By implementing these four core principles, The Growth Strategy Research Venture Business Department cultivates the spirit of innovation and problem-solving ability in "up-and-coming entreprenuers"in order to prepare them for the needs of society and industry, and the challenges that come with those needs

However, we do more than sow the seeds of venture activities that tackle social needs. We also aim for our University to be an innovation center.

Our Vision

1Find new business models

We have a great interest in the concept of innovation and the business models of new everyday technology. As such, we explore the needs of society and industry, and engender the spirit of challenge in response to those needs.

2、Guide technology and research that contributes to society

We strive to understand how to maximize the positive contributions of specialized knowledge, technology, and research to society and industry while nurturing their development.

3、Improve problem-solving skills

We wish to dvelop the practical skill of finding optimal solutions to problems by teaching the ability to see the heart of a problem despite having imperfect information, as the engineer does.

University Venture Member: Shinsaku Okada 
(Yokohama National University Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences Innovation Management Department)

Lateral Countries University Ventures adpoted: Homestays, the new way to visit Japan

YRC Co. Director (Exam Preparatory Agency, English school, Hawaii Homestay, etc.)
NPO International Exchange Support Council Director (activities such as language exchange、academic test venue management、centrally support foreign exchange trips)

My name is Shinsaku Okada, I am an adult student in the University Venture Department, and have been involved in the education industry since 2000. In 2005, I established the above stated Hawaii Homestay program and the China Homestay program.

After gaining experience in the field of education, I became aware of the lack of homestays in Japan and began to wonder why.

The thought occurred to me that a lack of Japanese hospitality might be the reason.

・Japanese hospitality has a couple of flaws: if a guest comes, the host tends to be a bit stiff, and Japanese people are often too hospitable, which makes some people uncomfortable. So, I thought the problem might be a lack of hospitality experience.

・ It also seems that the many wonders of Japan have remained unknown or distorted. In reality, there is a lot for a tourist to see here, from the delights of modern Japan to the natural and peaceful bounties of its traditional side, such as hot springs and pristine natural sceneries. I propose for visitors to connect with the Japanese people and experience our many tourist attractions.

Our goal with this homestay program is to improve the inter-cultural adaptability and hospitality of Japan's families in order to improve foreign relations, promote peace, and gain more friends around the world.

・If homestays in Japan become popular, Japanese families with foreign friends will increase, and Japanese children will be raised that can appreciate other cultures, which in turn will lead to an increase in Japan's global competitiveness and create a positive social value within Japan.

・Aren't homestays a legitimate way to see Japan?

・Couldn't tourism help Japan?

Based on the philosophy above, I will continue to work hard to bolster Japan's tourism industry, international exchanges, and Japan's education system.


Shinsaku Okada